What Time and Day Work Best For Social Media Posts?

I was asked a question recently that got me thinking: Is there a specific time in the day, or days of the week, which prove to be more effective while posting on Social Networks?

The answer is yes. Based on social media usage behaviour, there are some clear patterns that emerge. Some of these patterns are based on common sense. For example, don't post after midnight and before 6AM. Yes, the midnight owls and graveyard shifters will definitely be around, but don't expect good activity numbers. Also, by the time people wake up your post will be way down in their updates or news feeds.

Here are some tips for various Social Networks based on observations:


Facebook works best in the afternoon. You may argue that Facebook users are almost always on the Social Network, either posting their selfies or aimlessly scrolling their news feeds. However, here we are more concerned with their attention and action. Users on this social network are most likely to be receptive to information during their lunch hours and early evenings, whilst they are unwinding or even making plans for the evening.


Lunchtime works well for Twitter too. Twitter is also effective in the mornings, as many read their daily news through Twitter, and get their work related updates too. For many, Twitter is the first thing they look at in the morning. Some even from their beds!


This being a purely professional platform, LinkedIn has a lot of value right at the start of the day. Professionals usually like to kickstart their days with news updates, and reply to their pending messages. This is a good time to get some eye balls. LinkedIn updates also attract attention during the end of a work day. However, LinkedIn is not frequented in the evenings and weekend as much as we would like to think. Treat it purely like a professional platform that it is, and make your judgements of when your circle is most likely to be active.


Mornings work best for Google Plus. Target workers when they've just got to work and are checking their emails. Chances are they will dig through their GMail accounts to see if there is anything important. Again, weekends are not the best for Google Plus.

Other networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram do much better on weekends compared to the above networks.

What else can you do?

In addition to timing, it is very important to build native content. By this I mean content that has been created and optimised for the Social Network in question. Do not make the mistake of being lazy and using a Tweet on Facebook or a TV Ad on YouTube. Users are usually most receptive to native content.

Note, however, that global brands or professionals who deal with people across the world would have to judge response based on time zones. Also, there are no rules in the world of Digital Marketing. The above are a set of observations that have proven themselves time and again in the work we have done. But the strategy of posting and timing must be optimised from brand to brand, company to company, based on a deep understanding of the target.

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