Instagram Proves That Email Is Still King in 2015

"Highlights", a new Instagram marketing effort, will now bring Instagram updates to a user's email, just like Facebook, Twitter and a hoard of other social networking sites. TechCrunch made this information public recently, which has sparked off discussions about the importat role that Email still plays in a holistic Digital Marketing Plan in 2015.

So what's the lesson here to learn? The glaring fact that no matter how many Social Networks and Platforms come and go, email will still hold a key position in the top-of-mind usage of an individual. The fact that every e-commerce shopping platform, every social network, every online account and even banking is solely connected via an individual's email account clearly means that email is going nowhere, but rather is becoming more and more important.

It is common knowledge that the usage and reliance on email has taken a blow due to the several communication options that people have today, however this move by Instagram proves that the fastest growing social network in the world today (that overtook Twitter recently) is betting big bucks on email.

So attention marketers! Do not disqualify email as a Digital Marketing tool just yet! In fact, bump up the spent on email and put in place some reliable analytics to track success. And then go a step ahead and integrate each aspect of your Digital Marketing spend to collect holistic statistics about your target group.

We at Stratagaze have always impressed upon the importance on email. Shoot us an "email" for some free advice on how this tactic can help your ROI. Execution is the key!

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