Is Facebook Marketing still worth it?

Facebook Marketing has been through much debate since the time Facebook changed its ranking and fan page reach mechanism. No longer can one expect the entire fan-base on a page to receive the brand's posts. Facebook just isn't the same "sharing-caring-free-world" social networking site that it used to be.

So what has changed? For starters, Facebook has changed its algorithm with which posts and updates spread. Also, reach is now limited to only a handful of fans on a page. As a result, only a tenth or so of your Facebook page fans are likely to receive your recent updates?

Why is this happening? Click farms, advertising and Facebook's recent monetisation plan. With Wall Street pressure, Facebook is compelled to sustain a significant revenue through its advertising. At the same time, unethical means to obtain likes, through click farms, are damaging conversion rates and impacting ad ROI.

So what should one do? Organic reach. Go back to the drawing board, plan the campaign and get an organic following. Do not cut corners, do not be tempted by bumper likes through advertising and click farms. Those activities soon impact a page reach, and the advertiser is put into a endless loop of spending more on advertising to maintain a level of reach.

We at Stratagaze are working hard to help firms look beyond the glitz and glamour of social media marketing, and go deep inside the mechanics. With bespoke offerings, we are enabling brands to define a robust strategy for growth, rather than quick scale up and no returns. Facebook isn't the only channel that will add value to your brand. Look beyond towards other social tools.

Contact us today for free consultation and to discuss how your brand can benefit.

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