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Instagram Proves That Email Is Still King in 2015

“Highlights”, a new Instagram marketing effort, will now bring Instagram updates to a user’s email, just like Facebook, Twitter and a hoard of other social networking sites. TechCrunch made this information public recently, which has sparked off discussions about the importat role that Email still plays in a holistic Digital Marketing Plan in 2015. So […]

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Techniques And Resources for Business Model Analysis

In our last blog we read about what is a business model and understood how it helps an entrepreneur to define the unique value proposition for his startup. We also read about the essentials building blocks for a business model (Read: Business Model: Do I Need One For My Startup or Idea). Let us now […]


How To Define Business Models for Startups?

You might have heard of the term business model many times before, and might not have had complete understanding of what it means. And this lack of understanding normally results in entrepreneurs not thinking about all the important aspects of the business model for their startup or startup idea. Business model is simpler than you […]


What Time and Day Work Best For Social Media Posts?

I was asked a question recently that got me thinking: Is there a specific time in the day, or days of the week, which prove to be more effective while posting on Social Networks? The answer is yes. Based on social media usage behaviour, there are some clear patterns that emerge. Some of these patterns […]

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Is Facebook Marketing still worth it?

Facebook Marketing has been through much debate since the time Facebook changed its ranking and fan page reach mechanism. No longer can one expect the entire fan-base on a page to receive the brand’s posts. Facebook just isn’t the same “sharing-caring-free-world” social networking site that it used to be. So what has changed? For starters, […]


Is SEO dead?

I recently came across some articles, researches and blogs, that were all theorising the possible demise of Search Engine Optimisation, in its current avatar. From what it seems on a quick read, SEO may be coming to a turning point where marketeers can no longer rely just on keyword research, back links and smartly tagged […]