Apple Acquires Acunu, Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics and Facebook Adds Analytics for Apps

This week has been busy for the Analytics industry with two big acquisitions by the biggest tech firms in the world, Apple and Microsoft, and some key announcements from the biggest social network in the world, Facebook. Here’s some analytics news.

Acunu is a London based Big Data company that was operating in the realm of real-time analytics platforms compatible with Cassandra databases. Acunu’s powerful dashboard software helped visualise results. Apple has been on a mergers and acquisition spree, and the acquisition of Acunu comes as no surprise.

Microsoft too increased its foothold in the data science community last winter by acquiring Revolution Analytics, a major provider of software and services based on the open-source R project for computational statistics. While Revolution will continue to develop products that are non-Windows, Microsoft will integrate the technology into the existing software suite.

Facebook on the other hand has big plans to create the Messenger App as a platform of itself. The company plans to integrate shopping carts, deep shopper analytics and other bespoke tools for marketers to benefit from. ‘Analytics for Apps’ will help campaign owners to know more about sales behaviour, that’ll enable them to make more effective tweaks and thereby increase ROI.

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